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“I’ve attended an awful lot of presentations during my career in the business world and this was one of the most engaging I’ve ever seen.”

-M. Taylor
General Manager, London MICE, Ltd.

As an inspirational speaker and workshop leader, Christopher will work to develop a programme that caters to your current needs in your training or event agenda. This content will be delivered in an entertaining and high-impact way that's positive and memorable.

For your event or conference, based on your objectives, he will draw relevant links between his experience with coaching, creative thinking methods of magicians and relevant artistic exercises.

Training topics he frequently covers include:
- Creative thinking & innovation
- Focus
- Effective problem solving
- Achieving impossible goals
- Power of beliefs and assumptions
- Understanding multiple perspectives

To request a show reel or to discuss the needs of your event, please CONTACT US.

Creativity Training and Fun Change Management

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