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 Corporate Creativity Workshop


"I would gladly recommend Christopher's presentations to other companies, as inspiration and playful thinking are crucial to improve creativity, productivity and solution oriented thinking."

- S. Gould, Senior VP UK Licensing, Retail and Promotions
4Kids Entertainment International

We’re in a world climate that’s being buttoned down with regulation and bottom lines to be met. All this can make it seem that our access to creativity is limited. But it’s precisely when there are limitations and regulations that creativity can step in to save us.

Creativity is one of the most valuable skills we can bring to our workplace. It’s a basic ingredient for any organization that wants to survive and – even better – thrive in the uncertain conditions that surround us.

People can be taught how to be more creative but I don’t believe formulaic ‘10-step programmes’ work for most people. That’s why I’ve developed an interactive creativity workshop experience that makes use of a variety of techniques so by the end, everyone has discoverd a ‘breakthrough moment’ (even the skeptics!).

CONTENT & BENEFITS: I use magic in tandem with drawing and other exercises to help delegates discover for themselves what personal habits are blocking them from being more creative. Skills gained in this workshop can be put to work immediately in professional settings.

For more information on how this workshop could help your team be more creative, contact us to explain your objectives and targets. To see more client feedback from this workshop, click here: Creativity Workshop Client Reaction.

Duration: Approx. 3 hours. Based in London with UK and international availability.

“To raise new questions,
new possibilities,
to regard old problems
from a new angle,
requires creative imagination
and marks
real advance.”

- Einstein


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