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 Change the World by Magic

young people
with magic!

Christopher Howell makes inspirational presentations to groups of young people (ages 15-24) who otherwise would most likely not have access to coaching such as this. In Project Illusions tradition, he uses magic to help illustrate new effective ways of thinking that will empower audiences to get out and BE the change they wish to see in the world.

After the presentation, break-out groups are often lead which walk participants through action plans to help them make the visions reality. For more information about inviting Christopher to help your organization’s young people to Change the World by Magic, please visit the contacts page.

Change the World by Magic is an initiative in collaboration with Go Change the World. Development for this project and a number of charitable activities and presentations for at-risk young people have been made possible by funding from UnLtd.

"We would love it if you would be able to come back to us again this year. The Heads of the school were really impressed with you last year, and think your presentation was exactly what the pupils needed on the day."

- M. McBride Thomas's School, Battersea

“We had great feedback. Christopher truly presents a unique set and entertains the audience whilst bringing home key messages that inspired the audience.”

- D. Pilkington, Volunteering England


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